“Virtual” Rule of 3

You might think that virtual events are easier to implement than in-person meetings. After all, you won’t need a venue or caterer, and there’s no need to book travel. A software program and screen is all you need for a successful digital event, right?

Not even close.

In our experience with planning and executing virtual events, we’ve learned the rule of three. A well organized virtual event takes three times longer to plan and three times more production staff to execute. Production costs are 30% more than in the past, and don’t forget the three screens you will need to manage the onsite event from your desk.

Our history of successful digital event experiences means we know exactly how to optimize your investment in your meeting. Virtual events include webinars, conferences, trade shows, networking events and more. Eventive can make your event stand out in creative ways that go beyond just the platform. As in-person events are again being implemented, your organization may consider hybrid events to capture in-person experiences with virtual advantages.

You make the right choice when Eventive manages your event needs. We offer several ways to make your virtual meeting engaging and memorable. This includes the use of social media and your event website to garner enthusiasm. We find the right hosting platform to ensure that your participants engage without incident over different channels. We can help you utilize tools such as live polls to receive feedback from your participants. We’ve learned the rule of 3 in our adventures with virtual events, and that means you receive three times the knowledge and dedication in assuring a stress free and successful event. Email us about your event ideas at info@eventivemeetings.com.

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