Plan. Confirm. Cancel. Repeat.

Leap year 2020 began with fanfare and hopes for a leap in the right direction. COVID was not yet in the vernacular. Masks were only worn at masquerade balls, and social distancing was just a way to take a break from the outside world. In-person events were confirmed with finishing touches that would make them a definitive success. With “I”s dotted and “T”s crossed, the next event was set off with a bang. Unfortunately, that bang was not fireworks, but the sound of the door abruptly closing.

In-person meetings were postponed as stay-at-home orders became necessary. Plans to reschedule in the near future were quashed, and cancellation of conferences became the norm. Proactive organizations moved to online events with successful smaller conferences via video call programs. Larger scale productions required more technological savvy and resources, and Eventive Meetings was available to smoothly transition clients into large-scale digital events. Virtual conferences are no longer a temporary solution to be used when in-person events are not possible. Digital events are quickly becoming a first choice in event planning because they are not dependent on travel restrictions and other regulations that limit face-to-face gathering.

As travel restrictions and social distancing regulations are slowly being lifted, companies might consider returning to an in-person format. What happens if there is a surge in COVID cases? That event may have to be postponed until next month or next year. Get out of the cancellation cycle with a professional and productive virtual event. The health and wellbeing of your event attendees is first and foremost when you make your next meeting virtual.

Eventive Meetings can help you execute virtual events with an interactive, multi-user system that allows participants to interact in real time, just like they would if attending an in-person conference. From around the corner to around the world, your attendees can listen to presentations, visit virtual booths and network. The virtual space is customizable and personalization is limited only by your imagination. Call Eventive today at 612-222-8282 and make your virtual event happen.

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