Networking and Virtual Events

Networking is an important goal of any event, in-person or virtual. Networking results in the development of professional relationships that enhance participant knowledge and engagement. Connecting with colleagues and industry partners goes beyond a friend request or social media follow. Successful networking during your virtual event enhances engagement and productivity long after the event has concluded.

There are inherent benefits when conference participants network. Your employees or students build long-term relationships, make interesting business connections, and trade valuable information that can further the success of the participant and your organization. Your company may host an event specifically for networking, or it may be an objective as part of an overall virtual event strategy.

Types of Networking

During an in-person event, many types of networking occur. This includes networking between attendees, between attendees and exhibitors, between attendees and speakers, and more. Whether your goal is sales or education, networking plays a role. Working within the confines of a virtual event does not mean networking possibilities decrease. Eventive Meetings will help you optimize the networking of your participants in several key ways.

Well Promoted Content– Compelling educational opportunities that are appropriately promoted will drive attendance and audience engagement. This is vital to increase networking opportunities for your participants.

Incentives– Think about awarding points to participants who register early, attend a certain number of sessions, or visit a set number of virtual “booths.” Gift certificates, subscriptions and other items are awarded for the most points earned. Eventive has various strategies to provide incentives to attendees for optimal engagement.

Real-Time Exchanges– Your virtual meeting may include a Q & A session or small group chats to enhance learning. The more opportunities you have for your audience to connect, the more their opportunity they have to network.

Let Eventive Meetings execute your networking event from beginning to end, or use carefully planned strategies to increase networking possibilities at any virtual event. We customize the experience to benefit the attendees and your organization. Call Eventive today at 612-222-8282.

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