13 Events in 30 Days

Prioritize. Organize. Optimize. Realize. It takes a great deal of –izing to accomplish 13 successful events in 30 days. The COVID pandemic put a temporary halt to in-person conferences, but virtual events quickly took their place with advanced technology requirements and utilization of many different resources. Our recent adventure of 13 virtual events in 30 days entailed a whirlwind of Zoom, Vimeo, YouTube, production schedules, tech checks and double checks, script writing and more. They involved multiple corporations and educational institutions, and these organizations were thrilled to have a professional handle their important digital events. For example, we seamlessly pulled off two events in one day, and there was little time for that post event glow when we were off to the next one immediately.

Even at our busiest, your organization will enjoy the many advantages of virtual meetings. One great advantage of virtual meetings is the ability to schedule multiple events in a short period of time. Moreover, our virtual events will help your participants network better with ability to virtually meet people they may not have otherwise due to time or location. Virtual networking is free from distractions and helps those introverts who might not normally join in the conversation. Also, you can leave the technology to us. The only mishap in our 13 events in 30 days came in the form of a dropped Zoom call from a presenter in Switzerland. We kept the conference going, however, with professionalism and an audience that remained engaged.

Eventive is here to tackle your next virtual event. Companies choose Eventive for virtual conference management because we understand your needs and translate them into a flawless experience with that important human element. Contact us today at 612-222-8282.

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